Bacon – A Conspiracy and A Cookie

Welcome back! I’m a little ashamed of today’s post. I’m not one to go in for trends, be they music, fashion, or food. I’m also not a huge fan of bacon. I like the flavor well enough, but the idea of eating strips of meat that are 70 % fat (or more) just doesn’t appeal to me. Oddly, sausage is okay, and butter is okay, so it’s not the fat content, but more the fact that I can see that there is more fat than meat. I guess it also seems kind of like  a rip-off.  As if maybe this big bacon craze that has caught the world by storm is actually some vast conspiracy. “Ha! We can sell these people meat that is less than 50% meat, and tell them that it is the fashionable thing to eat! Soon world domination will be ours! Bwahahahahahaha!” I don’t think I’m too far off on this. Aren’t we always hearing about pork when it comes to Congress? What’s more,  the sheer number of bacon-related food and novelty items that I have seen just within my own family are enough to convince me. A few of the many examples:

  • The bacon gum that made it’s way into my husband’s Christmas stocking (smelled like dog food – yuck!)

Mmm..bacon-y fresh!

  • The bacon air freshener (really?)

Aren't we usually trying to get rid of this smell?

  • The tiny “St. Anthony – Patron Saint of Bacon” figurine, complete with prayer card

St. Anthony, bless my bacon

  • The maple bacon sundaes (inspired by Denny’s “Baconalia”)  that my mother-in-law served…

As if ice cream wasn't a guilty enough pleasure already

…is nothing sacred from porcine perversion???

And yet, I have found a recipe that I love, even though (or perhaps because) it adds bacon to a classic food. Bacon Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. I came across the recipe while flipping through a Bon Appetit magazine, and thought I would make it for my dad, since he loves both bacon and oatmeal raisin cookies. I tried them out, and they are delish! The cookies come out huge, and they make for a great breakfast (if you’re not into the whole green smoothie thing).

The flavors and textures are a perfect balance of sweet/salty and chewy/crispy. In fact, the next time I want to make regular oatmeal raisin cookies, I will probably try this recipe without the bacon. I encourage you to give this incarnation of the bacon conspiracy – I mean fad- a try in your own kitchen. You won’t be sorry. Unless you become addicted. Then the bacon lobby is right…world domination is within their grasp.

Happy Cooking!

3 thoughts on “Bacon – A Conspiracy and A Cookie

  1. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacon Rules!
    Bacon Oatmeal Cookies!
    This is like the most greatestest invention since TP on rolls.
    Breakfast cookies that aren’t made out of sawdust?


    BTW – Just because the rest of the world is sooooo late to the bacon party let’s not forget those of us who kept bacon alive during the Dark Ages of “No fat, no fat no fat, and definitely no porcine fat.” All the side-meat fashionistas need to send we few a pound of thanks (preferably smoked and peppered).

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