Welcome to Little House in the Mountains! I’m glad that you are here. Grab a cup of tea and stay for a while.  Let me introduce myself. My husband and I are blessed to live in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains of the western United States.

My husband is a brilliant man who can do anything with a computer, loves reading and building electronics in his (rare) spare time, and is a wonderful friend and adviser. I count every day that I spend with him a treasure.  

I am a writer, crafter, chef, musician, and educator. I do many things, but what I enjoy most is inspiring people to be their best, and making them feel loved and valued. I am far from a perfect housekeeper, but I’m always trying new ways to be better and to make my home a peaceful and welcoming place for my family and my guests. 

Just as many who moved west in the mid nineteenth-century, we find ourselves as a couple of pioneers in the Still-Wild West. We didn’t come in a covered wagon, we drove a 24′ truck, but the feeling was very much the same. We left our jobs, our friends, and much of our family back East to come to the Mountain West where life is more simple, slow and free, and to be near other members of our family. We didn’t have to build a cabin out of logs, but we have embarked on the adventures of owning our own home for the first time, along with all the painting, decorating, fixing and landscaping that goes with it.  We are continually learning new ways to enjoy our life here in the West, to develop new relationships, to find new opportunities to serve our community, to take advantage of the many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. We look forward to a long future here in the amazing West. 

So tell me, what is your journey? How are you a pioneer in your life? What do you love? I’ll pour myself a cup of tea and listen while you introduce yourself. 

Peace Be With You



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