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Fresh Food and Fresh Ideas

Fresh Food and Fresh Ideas

Welcome back! Yesterday I wrote about my new food journey into a lifestyle of mostly raw, mostly vegan foods. While I am feeling great, I have noticed two things about this lifestyle that are potential problems. First, it can be expensive. As Dr. Fuhrman would explain in Eat to Live, this is largely due to … Continue reading

Fall’s Best Soup

Confession: I’m not a big fan of soup. Specifically, I don’t think soup counts as a meal. As a first course, or with a serious sandwich or salad, maybe. But in general “soup for dinner” is a big rip-off. It’s like a n0-cheese egg white omelet, not really food.  However, there is one soup that … Continue reading

Brussels Sprouts for Everyone

Greetings, Reader! Today we will be making a quick, delicious and beautiful side dish: Brussels Sprouts. Now wait! I hear all the groans coming from those of you who learned to hate these delightful green gems as children. I understand where you’re coming from. Most home cooks only know one way to prepare Brussels Sprouts … Continue reading